Italian trio 3eem combines electronic beats, sampling, infectious avant-dub, spacey trip-hop, airy and menacing guitar drones and circular krautrock with alternating melodic tenor sax lines and manic, nervous free blowing. The end result is totally hypnotic, like bits and pieces of a 60's spy film on endless repeat mashed up with electronic noise and static white-outs, sax  solos, and Middle Eastern melodies. 

 3eem start in 2003 trying to research the point of equilibrium and interaction between traditional instrumentation (electric guitar and tenor saxophone) and techniques of digital processing of audio signals. The textures of 3eem arise from soundscapes created in studio intersected with live sax and guitar, drawing well defined sounds.

Fabrizio Bazzoni (sax, voice).

Danilo Corgnati (electric guitar and effects).

Valerio Zucca Paul aka Abstract Q (electronics).

3eem Discography:

November 2006 - Compilation: First Aid Kit - free mp3 [Chewz netlabel] www.chewz.net 

May 2005 - SPLIT VINYL 7" (150 black - 99 red) published by www.smallvoices.it

December 2004 - "Essence of 3EEM" – CD  published by www.smallvoices.it