Bacillus is the solo project of Ian Simpson, a UK based improviser and composer.  All the work realised under this project uses electronics and sound manipulation as its textural medium.  Some of the works are improvised and some use a graphic or text scores as their basis.  Many use found sounds and field recordings. Some of the source material has come from Ians very first experiments with tapes and electronics in the 1980’s  Bacillus is purely a studio project at the current time mainly due to live commitments with other projects.

Ian’s other projects include

  • Psychiatric Challenge – UK guitar / electronics improvising collective (work released on Electronic Musik)


  • Sebastian – guitar / electronics duo (work released on Burning Shed and White Label Music)
  • Under his own name – Ian Simpson (work released on Stasisfield, Badbeatz and Electronic Musik)


  • Tokomac – latest musical outing, originally formed for the Futuresonic 2005 festival now a permanent project (work released on Electronic Musik)
  • Noise Research – hard edged electronic compositions (work released on Electronic Musik)


Ian has also performed with the following musicians -

  • Eddie Prevost
  • Evan Parker
  • Keith Rowe
  • Colin Potter
  • Lol Coxhill
  • Mark Wastell
  • Rhodri Davis
  • Philip Jeck
  • Konk Pack
  • Daniel Weaver
  • N:Tet
  • Swung Dash
  • Grew Trio (with Mick Beck)
  • Paul Rutherford
  • John Russell
  • Solar Fire Trio
  • Dave Jackson
  • Ray Dickety
  • Phil Marks
  • The Good Anna
  • Stuckometer
  • Designer Babies
  • Cheap Machines


Current  Bacillus releases

First Circuit (electronic musik)

A View From a Hill (electronic musik)

Radio Mast EP -  3” cdr (electronic musik)

Osaka Dawn (white label music)

© electronic musik 2006