Christophe Dienz

New release; Double album 'ZITHERED' released Jan 2006.

Dienz is a classically trained musician based in Vienna. His new double album features an old traditional Austrian instrument;the zither(remember the theme tune of Harry Lime from The Third Man?) It comprises of CD1 (10 tracks) which is 'Pure Zither' with 100% analogue effects and acoustic tools such as paper clips,wooden sticks, tuning forks,plectrums etc to create complex- rhythmic-electronic-soundfields with a loop generator.

CD2 (14 tracks) 'Zither Remixed' with remixes by DJ DSL, Ruoert Huber (Tosca), Hubi Griener (theBlech), CayTaylan (Couch Records) Loui2000, MFloyd and many more musicians from all over Europe from different musical generes.

Released by White Label Music
Distributed by Shellshock.

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