…is a Southern-German performer of electronic music using digital/analogue equipment and circuit bending. As he didn’t have any musical training or study music theory, his music does not adhere to any theoretical rules. His Motto is “Everything is allowed’’

He experiments with strange sounds, instruments, electronics or found objects like toothbrushes & car parts. It is very Theremin driven for creating spacey background sound scapes. The music exudes from his stomach and heart. It’s gutsy & automatic.

Electromungo´s music is driven by his profane daily feelings and impressions; not by sitting in front of a sheet of blank paper or a Piano, he doesn’t subscribe to forcing it.

His ideas come about during long car rides. When an idea comes he uses his mobile-phone as his in car porta studio. These make the basis for each composition.

In 2006, ElectroMungo started to work on his first Album, “A Gray Afternoon”, compositions for Synthesizer and Theremin. He finished it February 2007.

Since March 2007 he has been with White Label Music. In the meantime he has released two solo albums under W.L.M. and one album together with Richard Fuchs a very virtuous German improvisational guitarist.

Album releases are:

“A Gray Afternoon” (2007) on iTunes under courtesy of wlm and October 2007 release as physical CD in Russia by wlms partner Soyuz music.

“Dreamtime” (2007) on iTunes (W.L.M.)

“ElectroMungo meets RichardF”, Project together with Richard Fuchs, (2007) on iTunes (W.L.M.)