Frenchwoods is Swedish born Rickard’s Stockholm based electronic project.  Drawing influences from Siw Malmkvist and pugh Rogerfelt.
This is the debut album by French woods on WLM, released July 2006 exlusive to itunes.
An 8 track album which seems to map out the course of a sonic river, riveting and melancholic, as the river widens the music swells and runs faster.  The whole picture is drawn out with the careful and clever use of various instrumentation including; trombones, percussion, piano and mandolins.

A purely instrumental album,it encompases all that is golden in  classic electronica, the whole exquisitely arranged.  Sci-fi soundtracks a’ la Wendy Carlos, with some references to Tamita’s ‘snowflakes are dancing’.   This is a beautifully crafted album  that will enchant you with every twist and meandering turn..