MFU recreates the sounds of early Electronic and Library music using analogue synths, organs, tape machines, and a Theremin - all staple devices of that era. Simplicity and wonderment of timbre are deviously mixed with pure 60’s garage freak beat, space funk, and Sun Ra style jazz meanderings. Elements of weird Stockhausen moments and Jean Jacques Perrey cheekiness are woven into wild rock grooves reminiscent of the Fall, Faust, Neu..... Although MFU lives and records in a remote train station in the Cambridgeshire countryside, the perfect petri dish for Outsider explorations, his art was forged in the East end of London in late night psychedelic clubs and the Kosmische Krautrock scene, and in Europe with Faust and Felix Kubin. MFU has played and recorded with the cream of the UK avant-garde, including Steve Beresford, Charles Hayward and most notably the legendary Modernist Jazz bassist Simon H Fell. Recently MFU has worked with Broadcast in their studio in Birmingham, of which two tracks from these sessions are on the new CD Future Focus. On record MFU is a lyrical headphone time-altering game of stereophonics - live MFU is a confrontational wall of noise - watching the speakers with synasthesiac focus, waiting for that weird resonance or a botched up jazz run to hint at a new unexpected direction to take the song into. Repetitions are hammered out until they hardly recognize themselves. Moments of autistic indecisions very quickly are usurped by highs of cathartic vision. Besides the fact that he’s a rather odd character to watch - often described as the Aphex Twins demented older brother - MFU employs films and absurd stage outfits to accentuate the dafter/darker side of his performance and music. Often watching Man From Uranus become confused with a tangle of modular synth style wiring mid-song is enough entertainment in itself. www.manfromuranus.com