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The Gory Details stories were collected in the Spring of 2006 by The Art of Bleeding, a polymorphous paramedically themed arts group based in Los Angeles, California. 

Some of the stories came in via a dedicated phone line set up by the group. Others were recorded by Art of Bleeding’s costumed “doctors” and “nurses” inviting random passersby into the group’s ambulance to share their stories.  Occasionally the ambulance recordings were made outside of Art of Bleeding’s live shows accounting for the demographic skew toward the eccentric.  Musical settings for the stories were composed by Al Ridenour, who directs the group and is responsible for the musical montage of medical catastrophes found on Art of Bleeding’s self-released Music from the Magic Ambulance (2005).

“Most of the previous stuff was written around samples from old health-and-safety films,” Ridenour says, “and I originally took the ambulance out to record fresh stuff -- just to use as little snippets in similar soundscapes.  But once the stories started coming in, I realized they were just too compelling to throw them into my dada blender.  I ended up leaving them exactly as told, and just supporting or contrasting them with a bit of musical background.”

Ridenour’s love for scratchy old educational films of the 1970s is reflected in The Art of Bleeding’s live performances, which incorporate a frantic and sometimes bloody mix of old films and filmstrips puppets, unashamedly fetishised nurses, a lumbering “robot teacher,” and the strangely metaphysical orations of the group’s mascot Abram the Safety Ape.  Along with these pseudo-educational multi-media “medical cabaret” shows, Art of Bleeding’s diverse endeavors include the publication of slightly tweaked medical coloring books, curation of medical art shows, the production of original videos, the mounting of outdoor dance spectacles choreographed around first-aid maneuvers, and the creation of a walk-through womb installation complete with amniotic fluid and lurking 8-foot fetus.

The costumed sidewalk engagements involved in soliciting the Gory Details recordings came naturally for Ridenour who, prior to founding The Art of Bleeding in 2004, enjoyed a decade-long tenure as lead provocateur in the Cacophony Society, the group of creative pranksters from which Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club drew its inspiration.

Ridenour plans to follow up this release of stories with future installments, and to that end the Gory Details Hotline remains operational.  Those interested in contributing a story are invited to call day or night and follow the instructions on the outgoing message.

GORY DETAILS HOTLINE: 888-467-8535.  (Toll free within the United States).



CD:  Gory Details
ARTIST: Art of Bleeding


1.  Fred (0:39)
2. Allison (0:45)
3. Tom (2:43)
4. Kelly (1:50)
5. Ed (1:05)
6. Rachel (2:24))
7. Victoria (0:48)
8. Chuckles (2:32)
9. Crumbcake (1:19)
10. Ruben (2:03)
11. Yovanna (2:12)
12. Mark (1:12)
13. Ducky (1:34)
14. Chelsea (1:56)
15. Leah (2:17)
16.  J.T. (0:56)
17. Andre (1:48)
18. Satanica (4:00)
19.  John (2:33)
20. Haylie (5:05)