'we're like the Osmond's on weetabix and Kraftwerk on crack'

Hiem are are an irresistible duo from Sheffield's vibrant electronic scene featuring Bozz (Vocals/mixes) and Nico (synths, bass and vocals).
Bozz was a one time member of all seeing I and Nico the former bassist with vennini, a side project of pulp.
The two have fused together like a 'giant communist transformer with synths' to Produce a mash of northern rhetoric, pulsating electro beats and home made stage props. They sound like some ghastly futuristic kitchen sink drama set to a sinister, sugary disco rhythm.
Hiem are set to release their long awaited 'best of hiem' mini album on WLM, February 2006, which includes the NME single of the week 'Chelsea'.
Other releases appear on Crosstown rebels and Atlantis audio. They are currently getting extensive radio play on radio 1, Kiss 100 and xfm so prick back your ears!

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