La Jovenc’s music draws from the mid 20th century genius of Billie Holiday to contemporary genius of Bjork. The mix of influences ranges from Stockhausen, Gorecki, Ligeti and Britten to Eno, Scott and Reich and extends to Hendrix, Matmos and Mingus.

But not only musical influences. Literature, paintings, colours, perfume and life experience have all shaped the musical output.

Experimental, electronic, sometimes jazzy, sometimes concrete but always warm ritual and apocryphal. 

La Jovenc musical highlights:

Ø     1984/1994 several experiences on alternative music as musician

Ø     1998 Soundtrack for silent film "Nosferatu" by F.W.Murnau performed live

Ø     2000 Soundtrack for "Tizca e gli uccelli dipinti del Caucaso" by L.Pretolani-M.Valli nominated for the Sundance Festival

Ø     2001 Music for "Cuori all'assalto" by B.Bigoni for Italian television

Ø     2004 Music for the exhibition "Ionosfera", by F.Stanghellini and O.Lalli: Archivolto Gallery-Milan, Zauli Museum-Faenza, Italy

Ø     2005 Soundtrack for silent film "Lulù-Das Buchse der Pandora" by G.W.Pabst performed live

Ø     2005 Musical score for the theatre production "Ultima chiamata" by J.Giraldi (extensive tour of Italian theatres 2006-2007)

Ø     2006 Music for the installation K491-KV421 included in “Ora et labora” exhibition. Piece composed of samples of Mozart concertos.

Ø     2006 Music for the exhibition "Arco Temporale" at Il Cubo Gallery-Milan

Ø     2006 Nomination for the best representation of Italian avant-garde music (PAI - Premio Avanguardia Italiana) at MEI (meeting of independent labels) for CD - Opposite of Orange (see below)

La Jovenc CDs

Ø     2002 CD "Sulla natura delle cose" created for the rooms of the MIC (Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche) exhibitions in Faenza, Italy

(reviewed in specialist magazines in Italy see: )

Ø     2003 CD "Lo-Fi Apocrypha" features a conceptual tragic-comic version of ‘The Man I Love’ , ‘Several Sad Saxophones’ and ‘No Message to Leave’, a confession to an electronic secretary. From hard electronic to acoustic (reviewed in specialist magazines in Italy see:

Ø     2004 CD "Birds make love with electric Ladybugs"  A concept album telling the tale of insects coming from space to teach the birds on earth to sing. Entire album is recorded using insect and bird sound samples. (reviewed in specialist magazines in Italy see:

Ø     2005 CD "The opposite of orange" is a synthesis of electronica and blues whilst steering well clear of blues cliches. The title deliberately avoids nominating the blues overtly. ‘Opposite Of Orange’ is a dark, magical and hieroglyphic jazz in its structure, composition and feeling.(reviewed in specialist magazines in Italy see: