Large Number

Ann Shenton has been delivering synth goodies to the public for over ten years now, originally known for being in one of the most influential bands of electronic music, Add N to (X). Their live shows were not to be missed, and their sound was and still stays as one of their own. Now Ann presents herself as Large Number that still rings true of her past projects. Though often compared to such visionaries as Kraftwerk, Wendy Carlos, and Robert Moog, there is something to be said of the Rock N Roll aesthetics brought to her sound. She continues her progress in destroying what is portrayed as electronic music today.

The album Spray on Sound was released in 2003, since then Shenton has been concentrating on the label but continues to tour with her band now made up of Marc Hunter on theremin, Mick Bund on bass, Rob Weston on synths & guitar and Ann on vocals and machines. The forthcoming album Modern Horror is due for release in 2008.

Ann - South bank,London
Spray on sound
nature recordings
The now defunct Delaware