Lowsparks became interested in electronic music after being asked to soundtrack a friend's gallery exhibition. Following the success of this experiment, Lowsparks set about distributing free tracks via his website.

After coming to the attention of Neil Cocker of Phantom Beats, he was asked to provide remixes for Plastic Raygun. Following airplay on Radio1, 6Music and Radio Wales, tracks appeared on compilations from Solid Earth and Big Chill.

Lowsparks' debut ep :esque was written and recorded late at night in a converted chapel in rural Wales . It blends cinematic orchestration, synthesiser, programmed percussion and ambient noise to create a sound that is evocative and melodic.

'The idea is to provoke an emotional response through melody and dynamics', Lowsparks says. 'I am interested in rubbing traditional orchestral arrangements up against electronic and ambient textures. I enjoy that tension.'

'Good music should have a direction and a pace. It should go somewhere and take the listener with it. You want to move through the gears, gather momentum, make people feel something.'

'That said, it's primarily about the tunes. If the milkman can't hum it then what's the point?'

Pony Harvest