Moody strings, found sounds, electronic bleeps and squeals, crunchy often distorted drums, echo’s, delays, filters and hopefully interesting rhythms.

That is how I would describe M075, part Brian Eno, part autechre. M075, started life as an experiment, trying to use sounds in a different way to my original pseudonym of Laica.

Where Laica drew on the musical influences of Plaid, The black dog, B12 and various other forms of techno/electro, M075 draws from a much wider range of music influences such as hip hop, dub, drum and bass, jazz and more experimental forms of electronica all mixed up with the original influence of techno and electro.

I wanted to make the kind of music I love listening to in the car, and that I hope other people will enjoy.

I have only been making music on my own for about 2 years and the whole thing started as an experiment just to see if I could do it as before I have always been in more traditional bands (two guitars, a bass, drums and vocal’s.) me on bass.

Everything is recorded at home (in the bedroom as is traditional).

Samples, I make on my mp3 player and they can be picked up from anywhere and often get used as notes or drum sounds or just to add texture.

I have the smallest set up recording wise of almost anybody I know, a borrowed pc, reason 2.5, wave pad, my creative mp3 player, my microwave, my front door, my cat Lottie and a thumb piano were used in the recording of my first 2 eps