White Label Music

New Releases

White Label Music's first release in 2003 was 'Spray on Sound' CD album by Large Number (the new project from Ann Shenton, formerly of Add N to X, who were signed to Mute Records).

W.L.M. has since released 'The Electronic Bible Chapter 1' a compilation album featuring 18 different electronic projects.
'The Electroinic Bible Chapter 1' 7'' vinyl featuring Richard H Kirk of Cab Vol, Kings Have Long Arms and Large Number.
'The Electronic Bible Chapter 2' 7''vinyl featuring X-Wife, Hiem and Large Number.
'The Now Defunct Delaware' 7'' vinyl featuring Large Number.
'Feeding the Machine' CD album by X-Wife.
'Zithered' CD album by Dienz.
'Linda Martini'CD album by Linda Martini.

FOR 2006;
'The Electronic Bible Chapter 2' is due for release in the spring featuring Momus,I Monster,Hiem,
Large Number,The Pony Harvest,Battant,No-Bra and around twenty other new and established electronic acts. Expect a mini album from 'Large Number'and releases from Sheffield electro outfits 'Hiem'and 'The Pony Harvest'

Artists Featured On W.L.M.

Hiem (UK)
Kings Have Long Arms (UK)
Pat Riot (Richard H Kirk/Cab vol)(UK)
X-Wife (Portugal)
Dienz (Austria)
Relaxed Muscle (Jarvis Cocker)(UK)
National Bandit (J.Buckle/Fat Truckers)(UK)
Linda Martini (Portugal)
Black Rainbow (Mira/Ladytron)(UK)
Ear (Sonic Boom/Spaceman 3)(UK)
Ezrapound (Steve Claydon/Add N to x)(UK)
Mt. Vernon Arts Lab (UK)
Large Number (Ann Shenton/Add N to X)(UK)
N (UK)
Phosphene (UK)
Delia Derbyshire (Radiophonic Workshop/Dr Who theme tune) (UK)
Rauberhohle (Germany)
Transformer di Roboter (Germany)
Fashion Flesh (USA)
Sean O'Hagen (High Llamas)
Camp Actor (UK)

pony harvest
Electronic Bible chapter 2 (album)