The Electronic bible chapter 2 compilation (album).cat: WLM008


WLM proudly announce the long awaited sequel to chapter 1, featuring some of the worlds most innovative and interesting electronic musicians. Covering artists such as Momus & Pam Hogg to I monster and Billy ray martin. This is the second issue of a 3 cd compilation entitled 'the electronic bible'. The idea to map for posterity the rapidly changing and ever evolving world of electronic music.


Compiled by Ann shenton (add n to x/large number, this album covers gendre's from dancefloor to electro-punk. The album is officially released on march the 6 th , a delay of 1 week while the retailers get themselves in gear.


We can however offer you advance copies for £8.99 inc. p&p if you contact us at either of the email links on the bottom of each page of this website. The EB2 will also be released on I tunes on the 13 th of February.


Below you have the running order for EB2.




  1. Pony harvest 'the planets'
  2. Buckle & Hogg 'Electric man'
  3. Miss pain 'F** machines'
  4. Battant 'Human rug'
  5. Man from Uranus 'satellite link to Sun ra'
  6. The Sheffield stylophone orchestra 'I shot her at the setting of the sun'
  7. Super madrigal brothers 'Ave maria'
  8. Hiem 'Crawlers'
  9. Miss lolly lab 'Electric lips'
  10. Dienz 'number 1'
  11. Kompleski 'I ain't no love child'
  12. Sunset people 'Silver surfer'
  13. Piney gir 'Hello Chanel'
  14. No bra 'in your jeans'
  15. X-wife 'Taking control'
  16. Large number 'Shy English hitler'
  17. Michael j coxx 'The clap'
  18. Sculpture 'Do the Lurrk'
  19. Hot skates 3000 'No brakes on my roller-skates'
  20. Fox in fairyland 'Vacuum on fire'
  21. I monster 'The la la song'
  22. Momus 'I refuse to die'.


We hope you enjoy it!


p.s the release dates for The Pony harvest and Hiem are still as advertised and their albums will have an advanced release date on I tunes for the 27 th of February.

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