A short history

Sebastian were formed as a side project from experimental improvisers ‘Psychiatric Challenge’ in about 2001.  They recorded their first album, Hew Hoppers Base, over approximately 12 months and this was released on the Burning Shed label and still remains part of their catalogue ( www.burningshed.com ).  Due to the increased workload of Psychiatric Challenge and the formation of DIY promoters ‘The Warrington Improvised Music Collective’ a short break ensued and work began on a second album in 2004.  This was finished and finally mastered in 2005. Entitled ‘Rat Ledge’ it featured more experimentation with electronics, guitar, recorders, bird calls, junk percussion, broken piano and voice.

Members Ian Simpson and Lewis Gill have performed with (amongst others) Evan Parker, Philip Jeck, Eddie Prevost, John Russell, Paul Rutherford, Lol Coxhill, Rhodri Davis, Mark Wastell, Keith Rowe, Colin Potter, Phil Marks, Ray Dickaty, Solar Fire Trio and Phil Mouldycliff.

Ian has material released on Electronic Musik (UK), Stasisfield (USA) and Badbeatz (Germany) with his other projects Bacillus, Noise research, LDT and under his own name.

Lewis also works with guitarist Tony Harn on a project called Resin Dust and has a project with fellow Psychiatric Challenge member Neil Packer called Vivahead.

Ian and Lewis perform live with Psychiatric Challenge, Tokomac and the Gill, Simpson and Jackson Trio.

Track listing for new mini album Rat Ledge

  1. Muon (Gill / Simpson)
  2. Reflection (Gill / Simpson)
  3. Sunday (Gill / Simpson)
  4. Language Lesson (Gill / Simpson)


Ian Simpson – Electronics / Broken Piano / Radios
Lewis Gill – Guitar / Recorders / Bird Calls / Voice

Recorded at Steves Studio, engineered by Ian Simpson, produced by Sebastian, mastered by Ian Simpson.