Formed in a dimly lit bed-sit off the Holloway Road , Sunset People was nothing more than ideas scribbled on paper, sound collages made from field recordings, found sounds, tape recorders from charity shops, borrowed effects units and a cheap Yamaha keyboard. A couple of brief (for 'brief' read 'confusing') gigs were performed in and around London and Sunset People have been performing with moderate success in the capital ever since.

After temporarily relocating to Eastern Europe, performing to small audiences in Krakow, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest, Sunset People are now back in the UK, and working on new material.

In the past Sunset People have supported Four-Tet, Simian and UK electronic music pioneer Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire).

'Silver Surfer' appears on 'The Electronic Bible' Chapter 2 (WLM) compiled by Ann Shenton (Add N to (X) / Large Number) along with Momus, Large Number & I Monster.

The album 'Haiku Disko' featuring 'Silver Surfer'(WLM) will be available via White Label from itunes from the 19 June.