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Out June 5th 2006

The Asbo Kid began life at the end of 2005 and was formed through the merging of two existing, experienced talents, James Atkin & Pilly Bob.

Bored with hanging around on street corners, nicking car stereos & all round trouble making, they decided to cut there teeth in the darker side of electronic music & start making there own unique style of Car Alarm Techno.

With influences going as far back as Old School Rave & touching on the Minimal Electro scene, James & Pilly have managed to keep themselves out of trouble enough to create some class tracks that demand attention.

Pilly Bob hales from a small village in the Yorkshire Dales, not one for leaving his village very often, the parties seemed to come to him. With a name like Pilly Bob he was very popular with the locals for some reason.

At one such party Pilly Bob met James who had recently moved to the area. James had left London with a string of eviction orders & environmental health court cases against him. Looking for a new start, with his beloved sound system in hand he moved to the countryside hoping not to upset anymore people.

James was responsible for singing one of the best known tracks of the 90s, ‘Unbelievable’ with his band EMF, he went off to have massive success clocking up a U.S no.1 single and a platinum selling album. Time at the top was short lived and it wasn’t soon before James was back to the glue and crime (Grime).

With the Asbo kid, James Atkin and Pilly Bob are trying to better themselves as people and fit back into society. HONESTLY OFFICER.

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