White Label Music

The ear on the world

White Label Music's first release in 2003 was 'Spray on Sound' CD album by Large Number (the new project from Ann Shenton, formerly of Add N to X, who were signed to Mute Records).

W.L.M. has since released 'The Electronic Bible Chapter 1' a compilation album featuring 18 different electronic projects.
'The Electronic Bible Chapter 1' 7'' vinyl featuring Richard H Kirk of Cab Vol, Kings Have Long Arms and Large Number.
'The Electronic Bible Chapter 2' 7''vinyl featuring X-Wife, Hiem and Large Number.
'The Now Defunct Delaware' 7'' vinyl featuring Large Number.
'Feeding the Machine' CD album by X-Wife.
'Zithered' CD album by Dienz.
'Linda Martini'CD album by Linda Martini.

FOR 2006;
'The Electronic Bible Chapter 2' is due for release in the spring featuring Momus,I Monster,Hiem,
Large Number, The Pony Harvest, Battant, No-Bra and around twenty other new and established electronic acts. Expect a mini album from 'Large Number' and releases from Sheffield electro outfits 'Hiem' and 'The Pony Harvest'

Artists Featured On W.L.M.

Hiem (UK)
Kings Have Long Arms (UK)
Pat Riot (Richard H Kirk/Cab vol)(UK)
X-Wife (Portugal)
Dienz (Austria)
Relaxed Muscle (Jarvis Cocker)(UK)
National Bandit (J.Buckle/Fat Truckers)(UK)
Linda Martini (Portugal)
Black Rainbow (Mira/Ladytron)(UK)
Ear (Sonic Boom/Spaceman 3)(UK)
Ezrapound (Steve Claydon/Add N to x)(UK)
Mt. Vernon Arts Lab (UK)
Large Number (Ann Shenton/Add N to X)(UK)
N (UK)
Phosphene (UK)
Delia Derbyshire (Radiophonic Workshop/Dr Who theme tune) (UK)
Rauberhohle (Germany)
Transformer di Roboter (Germany)
Fashion Flesh (USA)
Sean O'Hagen (High Llamas)
Camp Actor (UK)

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