Downstate has been creating electronic warblings for 6 years.  His childhood was soundtracked by all sorts of music heard sharing a room with his older brother.  Ranging from early Aphex Twin, to psy trance to depressing yet inspiring bands like the Cure.
Downstate began making music after ditching his piano lessons and getting heavily into glitchy beats, electronica and everything on warp records.  He is a sucker for a meloncolic melody and became frustrated that perfectly good tunes where often in his mind spoilt by overly pretentious beats and production.  His aim was simple, to make intricate beats and layer them with melodies that made him feel something.
For years his music was a personal project and simply produced with no intention of anyone else hearing it.  Over time he has developed his own sound combining electronic beats and recorded sounds with melodies played on his 1940's glockenspiel, and various other synths and computer software.  
Currently Downstate is working on bringing his music to the stage with live laptop sets planned in 2007.

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