Kaiton L. Slusher

Kaiton L. Slusher is a multi-medium artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. The 32-year old spent several of his earlier years as both a fine artist and musician.

He began playing bass at the age of 13. After playing in garage bands for several years, his friend James Bowman asked him to play bass in his band, which turned out to be the legendary Racebannon (Secretly Canadian), a hard-core experimental band. Kaiton was also attending art school at the time and after a year with the band, decided to quit and devote his time to painting. But music continued to be an important part of his life. During this time, he purchased his first music sampler and drum machine, allowing him to experiment with new sounds. Creating music through loops and digital recording led him to purchase his first PC. Using both elements, he started creating his own music by blending organic and digital sounds together.  

Always working on new material, Kaiton is currently collaborating with local and international musicians and producers.

Music Label

White label-records , Windsor U.K
I Need it Records , Lyon France

U.S. Shows Kaiton Has Played             Bands & Artist Coalitions

Orange Arts Festival (Heron School of Art)             Racebannon
Midwest Electronic Music Festival (MEMS)             MEMS
      (Bloomington, IN)                                           Sonic Weekend  (W.L.M)
Midwest Electronic Music Festival
       (Indianapolis, IN)

Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)