Karl Stirner

- born in vienna.

- studied zither, classical composition, people, survival strategies, circumstances.

- is into writing and visual art as well.

- composed stage music for "das schauspielhaus" in vienna in 1991/92.

- was co-author and mc of the radioprogram "sodawossa und kitarrn" on radio1476 (AM radio program of OE1).

- lived in ireland for a couple of years; worked there as private teacher for musical creativity.

- writes radio plays, film scripts , film music and generally music for all sorts of ensembles and situations.

- plays vintage old viennese music together with button-accordeonist walther soyka.

- loves to mix viennese music with electronic music and jazz-elements.

- since 2002 working as a composer and musician (sporadically as a translator and dramatic advisor) at burgtheater in vienna .

- collaborations with walther soyka, hannes löschel, claus riedl, otmar klein and many more.

Karl Stirner
Karl Stirner