David H began experimenting with tapes and effects in Surrey at the end of the Eighties. Early work included distorted recordings of late night television and obscure telephone calls; the idea being, “to create new sounds and textures”. Ideas and experiments progressed after acquiring more music and recording equipment. He moved to London and then again to Sussex where recording began in all seriousness.

Keeping true to the conclusions of the earlier experimental work, computers were not used to produce the music. Instead he used his arsenal of analogue synthesizers, vintage outboard equipment and effects pedals to create a darker and dirtier sound. Early tracks had little or no percussion, this changed as more tracks evolved. The use of old drum machines took over the rhythms later being joined by extra percussion played on drum pads. Most of the parts are played manually and recorded in one or two takes adding to the whole sound of the recordings. All tracks are heavily manipulated and distorted avoiding an unwanted ‘clean’ sound.

The vocals are quite unique using spoken word through a barrage of different effects creating quite an original sound. Sometimes the words are purposely inaudible; “sometimes you don’t want people to hear everything”.

The 'Protect & Survive EP' was released in 2007including four tracks. 'Loose Wire' is about someone living in their little world looking out onto other people who seem to have a perfect life. He has a short fuse and an obsession with ridding the world of television celebrities. 'Shark Cage' enters a place where you are safe from critics and the pointing finger; isolation in your own safe space. But something will always work its way through the bars!

The 'Protect & Survive EP' was released by White Label Music and available on iTunes.

Soon after the release of the ‘Protect & Survive EP’, Kontour was approached by ‘Some Bizzare’ boss Stevo Pearce. He wanted to include the track, ‘Kennedy Syndrome’, on his new compilation album. Work also began on a new album for 'Some Bizzare Records' titled 'Scanners'. The album should be released around the end of September 2007.