Leon J. Dufficy Bio

Concentrated laptop recordings, tortured electronics and generally trying to make music for kids on acid to freak-out to, is what Leon J. Dufficy has in mind as he sets about deciphering an audio barrage of processed ideas into the flickering sounds of library obsessed psychedelic electronic pop drones.

Having recently moved from Brisbane, Australia to London, Leon is releasing his debut UK album ‘The Spiders in Yr Mind’ on ‘White Label Music’. His song ‘Scene Through’ will also make a short 3 minutes and 7 second appearance on their latest chapter in the ‘Electronic Bible’ series released later this year.

Leon also plays guitar/keys in Australia's smartly dressed pop band; ‘The Zebras’ and guitar noise scrawl/library/soundtrack/experimentalists ‘Shuriken’, whilst still releasing local underground acts on his CD-R Brisbane based label ‘Soundmalfunction Recordings’.

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