Pony Harvest

Pony Harvest


The Pony Harvest 'happened' in February 2004 when front man Richard Bradley, first set foot in a Sheffield studio to record 'The Planets'( a beautifully comic hitchhikers guide to the analogue galaxy) and 'the worst secret agent in the world'(a melancholic cossack spy thriller).

The pony Harvest sound is born of synthesisers (ems synthi), BBC sound effects records, toy instruments, field recordings, household objects and anything else they can get a sound out of, oh! and a keyboard from Chesterfield flea market that cost £8.

The prog-tastic 6 piece Members are;

Richard Bradley-24-(librarian about town and keen 'twitcher'), on synths, vocals, mellotron, omichord, melodica and piano.

Jim Grady-guitar

Olly Hall-(collector of frog-shaped paper-weights and pro gaelic footballer) on bass.

Danny Keir -guitar


and lastly the 7 foot tall prog-tronic, cape wearing Tom Castle on flute.

The Pony Harvest are currently finishing their mini album 'An individual note: of music, sound and electronics' due for release
on WLM, March 2006.

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