Rekalix is Andrew Lintern, ambient electronica songwriter/producer from Southampton, UK. His music fuses atmospheric soundscapes with delicate sounds, to create minimal, faraway sounding ambience. This style of ambient music allows those who listen to appreciate the senses that some sounds can awaken inside them. As well as producing these distant soundscapes, he also runs the UK side of Kuurort Records, an Estonian based label that focuses on music with a faraway sound.

Rekalix joined Kuurort Records in 2006, after meeting up with label owner Kaido Kirikmae at the Sun Dance Music Festival in Tallinn. Following this, his debut album, 'Zykancialuu' was released by Kuurort. Later in 2006, one of the songs from this album also featured on the Kuurort Records compilation 'Kuumaastikud'.

2007 brings the new Rekalix album 'Frozen Planet', which is being released on White Label Music. ‘Frozen Planet’ presents a new style of minimalist soundscapes from Rekalix, focusing on a distant, spacey take on ambience, whilst still managing to retain warmth and beauty and portray visions of nature. This release is also being accompanied by a number of festival performances across Europe.

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