Ribside’s MEBT (The Menorcan Elastic Band Treatment) has become a dance floor favourite across the globe following the recent release of WLM’s The Electronic Bible (Chapter 3) and subsequent TV appearances and interviews such as Art Uber Alles in Greece.

Ribside (aka Clive Booth), musician and producer, draws influences from four decades of contemporary UK pop, an afternoon nap with just the sound from the matinee film filling the room, domestic bird song in the garden and the sound of fingers & thumbs drumming the dashboard in a traffic jam.

“Anorak zips and fingernails over denim or brand new corduroy are also effective scratch alternatives” say’s Clive, enthusiastically strumming the steering wheel at another set of road works. “But you have to be quick… quicker than a conscientious wartime shorthand typist”.

New projects from the Ribside stable include a well received mix of the new Superbass single ‘Solution’ and further collaboration with Anne Garner, The Ape Drape Escape and numerous other artists and friends.

Ribside’s debut 4 track EP ‘The Absolute Indignity (of emptying your blow-up doll)” WLM is out now on iTunes.

Ribside’s ‘MEBT’ is featured on The Electronic Bible – Chapter 3.