Mick Bund is Space Junk Rockers, his musical reference points are P.I.L., Suicide, Acid House and Punk.

In the past he has worked with Felt, Denim, Primal Scream and has fronted his own band ‘Mexico 70’. He has performed extensively across America & Europe. Strange tour dates have included entertaining the troops in the sultry jungles of Belize to flying in by army Chinook to perform in front of an audience of Emperor Penguins on the frozen wastes of The Falklands Islands.

His new project S.J.R. came to life one evening in a bar in Oslo while listening to Neu.

Mick : ‘Triple vodka in hand, the bass bins pounding against my leg, the Kosmiche boys were on the wheels of steel, it was a real epiphany. I thought to myself ‘bollocks to pop music’ and from that moment on I decided to erase the 3 minute perfect pop song from my mind. It happened while listening to this Neu track that had a 15 minute long intro with no middle 8 or chorus, it was fantastic, totally removed from the constraints of the norm.’

ZOOT: So, previously you had been writing more mainstream music?

Mick : ‘Yes , but I feel totally liberated now, I just got turned on to a different kind of music, I am not interested in clever structure, I am more interested in drones and a linear pattern to the track.’

Mick’s main sound consists of bass, guitar & a Casio Tone cranked up through a Zoom distortion pedal. In keeping with these few select instruments the signature sound of S.J.R. is created, its spontaneous & exhilarating. The linear song structure makes perfect driving music. There is an element of constant forwards motion, like racing through a forest at night, headlights on full beam. It sounds reminiscent of Seventeen Seconds by the Cure or a homage to Poptones by P.I.L.

The debut E.P. ‘The Fog Stands Tall in Canada’ is available now on itunes.

It’s a good cross section of S.J.R., (four tracks in all) and the title comes from one of his lucid dreams of which he has many.

This change of direction has unleashed a musical passion he has had since hearing  ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ for the very first time.

Mick: ‘I was listening to Public Image Limited, The Birthday Party, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys & Suicide but I was writing pop songs. I thought it was what I should be doing to get recognition, to become successful. But all along I should have followed my heart, writing more experimental music.’

 Some people have fantasy football teams, I asked Mick about another type of fantasy.

S.J.R.’s  Fantasy Tour Menu.

Breakfast: Brandy

Snack: Ricard

Lunch: Stella Artois

High Tea: Jack Daniels

Snack: Gorki List

Supper: red wine

(if he is on a healthy diet, Mick will include a couple of fruit Bacardi Breezers too.)

S.J.R.’s Fantasy Rock Band.

Jah Wobble on bass.

Martin Atkins on drums.

Keith Levine on guitar.

John Lydon on vocals.

Mick: ‘ I have got a home-made tattoo on my leg. I was actually going to write ‘P.I.L. Poptones’ but it got too painful and I only managed to do the ‘p’, so it ended up as P.I.L. p.’

Mick also has SPURS tattooed on his lower inner lip.

While on tour he religiously keeps a journal, recording the otherwise forgotten moments spent travelling across vast continents. Cities can blur into one another and days can turn into months when you are on tour.

These journals are full of stories like spending the night cleaning red wine off  the  walls in a Zagreb hotel, stumbling around with a broken toe in Denver & being attacked by a dog in Beograd after a drinking competition in an artists house.(‘we  were drinking Gorki List which looks like Jagermiester but is considerably more dangerous’.) These journals provide him with a focus too, being on the road can be a lonely experience.


‘When my boy, Jacob is old enough he can look through these, it’s good to keep a record of what you do in life.


Space Junk Rockers