Tidy Kid's

The ear on the world

Tidy Kid's compositions are always aimed towards anything that is not stylistic. Style invoked songs are fun for awhile, but (as a producer) "when you produce stylistic bands everyday, you don't feel motivated to jump on the band wagon and congest this world with more of it, its more enjoyable to watch others doing it really well, and honestly". This doesn't mean that Tidy Kid has crept into a hole and is working on purely noise experimentations or extremities, even though they are extremely fun experiments to try out every now and then. Instead, its a freedom to allow the every day popular sound (not music) to mix with the disapproved sounds, and create something that is both, for the composer a true creative and imaginative experience to create and listen back to, and for a non creator, to enjoy for both interest sake, and enjoyments sake.................

"Fueled to learn more about the workings of the world and beyond, its hard to believe that all the answers aren't already sitting somewhere within our grasp, we just have to evolve and learn to see and feel these things, and more importantly, share these things, when it seems to be a respectful conduct of communication between one person and another". Respect for anything and anyone is one simple rule that this composer will always abide by, its a way to not hurt, or to be hurt, its simple and creates not only peace of mind but peace around oneself, even if that only stretches to the front pavement.

Tidy Kid is an engineer/producer based in New York. He will be composing audio pieces when he is not busy producing other music projects during 2006.


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