Empty one bag of sugar into a large bowl, stir in some moog acid and blend with the Orb, Sky Sunlight Saxon, Lemmy’s liver and FSOL.
Crack half a dozen 80's synth pop bands and sprinkle with a hint of Conny Plank. Agitate with New Waves, cut into slices of 4 to the floor and bake under very hot intelligent lighting systems. Serve with 808 state, cool rok bass & Cola on ice.

“We are absolutely loving Toffeetronic. The work of one Matt Gunn, they're like... like... like Kraftwerk after a night on the pop, an M62 Orbital.”
Neil Mason (NME, Rolling Stone, War Child)

Toffeetronic appeared to Matt Gunn on a particularly beautiful day when stood on the sand dunes of Hayle, Cornwall. It was one of those days when just for a moment everything seemed to make sense. This didn't last very long but it was long enough to fuel Matt's speedy creation of 10 blissed-out electronic tunes which encapsulated what he’d been trying to achieve for many years. 4 of the 10 tunes were then taken apart and put back together by John Foxx collaborator Louis Gordon in his ‘Long Wave’ Studios.
The result was Toffeetronic's debut EP: 'Loading Beats......initialise melody': available from WLM now on iTunes.

A string of low key gigs at indie clubs followed; where audiences expecting to see indie bands suddenly get one guy on stage, a pile of electronics and a bass round his neck. Half the crowd hit the bar with vacant looks on their faces; the others just went mental to the quirky, rather mixed up energetic madness of Toffeetronic live.
'you aint gonna please every fucker are you!’

Toffeetronic just seems like the perfect way for Matt to present the noises, beeps and beats that have been buzzing round his head for years. It’s all pouring out now and he’s having it right off!

New material from Toffeetronic coming soon....