Think… ‘Moondog’ and street sound.

Think…  ‘Human BEAT BOX extrodinaire’ you’re nearly there…. This is UNUSUAL SOUND as we don’t know it……………………………….

This is an innovative musical expedition. This is human beat box / found sound / musique concrete.

There is hardly a sound existing here that a studio ‘geek’ could recognise, because there are no pre-set sounds here, no. There are no soft -option –soft -wear Sonics here either, and because of this it makes good listening.

It all began when Oulian Zavarotni and Julien Deguines met in 1999 and formed the band Alchimistes. After the eventual break-up of this project, the two friends, who were searching for a truly unique sound, reformed and created Unusual Sound in 2006.

This new direction and energy gave birth to a strange banana smoothie of electronic/experimental music. Virtually no musical instruments were used in this recording. We are talking Human Beatbox and Musique Concrete Their electronic gadgetry (digital delay pedals etc) only modify the original sound of the  “played” boxes, ashtrays, wineglasses and human vocals.

This is their debut release; ‘Welcome To My Apple House’  (www.myspace.com/unusualsound), Unusual Sound have had tonnes of exposure on USA student radio stations (where the cool stuff gets discovered first) and are planning forthcoming gigs in 2007-so keep an eye & an ear out if you like ‘UNUSUAL SOUND (s)’

(Available on I-tunes only)